Rent Uncollected
Season 1, Episode 03
Air date February 1, 2010
Written by Liz Tigelaar
Directed by Gary Fleder
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Rent Uncollected is the third episode of Season 1 and the third episode of the series overall. It attracted 2.07 million viewers and a 1.0 in the 18-49 demo on its original airing.


Cate reluctantly attends a dinner for Lux at Baze’s parents' house, and the situation becomes complicated when Cate’s mother and sister Abby arrive unexpectedly. Meanwhile, worried about Lux's safety at her school, Cate arranges for her to transfer to Westmonte High, where Cate and Baze graduated. When Baze's father threatens to take away the bar because Baze can't pay the rent, Lux uses her own money to pay Baze's rent.


When Baze tells his parents about Lux, they insist on planning a dinner at which they can meet their granddaughter and Cate. Meanwhile, when Cate hears about a gang fight at Longfellow, Lux's high school, she immediately decides to have Lux transferred to her and Baze's alma mater, Westmonte High, angering Lux when she finds out.

Later, Cate reluctantly agrees to go to the dinner at Baze's parents after Ryan persuades her to. However, it turns out to be more of a famly affair when her overbearing flirtatious mother and neurotic sister show up unexpectedly.

The family holds an intervention, telling Baze and Cate they can't raise Lux, then decides where she should live. This leads to a blow out between Baze and his father. Lux leaves with Bug, and Cate and Baze go out to find her.  Baze, tries to explain to Cate that before Lux came into their lives, she had had a family; just like they had a family before they ever conceived Lux, and he tells Cate that maybe Natasha, Gavin and Bug were good for her.  Cate ponders this.

Later, Lux takes it upon herself to sell something of hers so she can pay Baze's rent. She ends up face to face wit Jack, her grandfather, and hands him the rent. When Jack makes a comment about his son, Lux defends him, calling Baze twice the dad he is, then leaves. Jack visits Baze and tells him Lux is welcomed to visit any time she wants after he informs him he got the rent. Baze tells Lux she no longer has to be the adult. Nonetheless, he is grateful for what she did, and promises that he will pay her back every penny.

The episode ends with Cate and Baze deciding to have dinner with Lux's "family".  This marks the first time that Baze and Cate meet Natasha, Gavin and Bug.




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  • This is the first episode that Lux meets her extended family; Baze's parents, Jack and Ellen Bazile, Cate's mother, Laverne, and her younger sister, Abby.