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Jamie is Baze and Math's roommate, and one of Baze's good friends. He is a bartender at Baze's bar, and is portrayed as a "player," constantly pushing his competitive nature on Baze where women are concerned. Jamie thinks Lux has crushed Baze's game, as he sees him acting more and more like a father and less like a bachelor, and makes this known a few times by comparing him to Math.

Despite this, however, he does show that he is a good friend to his friend's daughter, and Lux sees him as a friend.

While being a recurring character in season one, his appearances tend to lessen in season two and he somewhat vanishes. He does make a return to the bar later on, surprising Baze.

In the season finale, Jamie is shown at Lux's graduation seated next to Fern Redmund, Lux and Natasha's long-time social worker, and takes a group picture with everyone else.

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