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Bobby Guthrie (Bug) is Lux's rough-around-the-edges streetwise ex-boyfriend and brief fiance.

Early life Edit

Bug 01


Bug lived in a low-income neighbourhood with his mother and father. When he was nine, his mother overdosed on drugs while he was playing in the yard. She eventually recovered, but "checked out of his whole childhood" while his father, a dealer currently serving time in prison, phisically abused Bug before he was taken away by child protective services.

It is assumed that Bug spent his teenage years in the foster care system. He would eventually drop out of high school, and plan to get his GED later.He was acquainted with Natasha Siviac when she introduced him to her best friend, Lux Cassidy, whom he began dating on and off for over two years. He moved into a studio with his friend, Gavin, and planned to have their respective girlfriends, Lux and Tasha, move in as well once they became emancipated minors.

On the series Edit

During their 2 year on and off again relationship, Bug tended to overreact in situations that involved Lux and another guy. Lux loved him, and they were involved romantically for a few years, but he constantly put her down in times of distress; when he saw Lux with Jones, he called her "damaged goods", and told her nobody would love her like he did. Despite their relationship problems, he was "a good guy" (Lux, season 1), and tried to build a new life for him and Lux before their breakup. Bug was invested in drug-dealing and robbery before Lux was reunited with her parents, which led to him becoming a better person; getting a job at Baze's bar and cleaning up his act. They broke up after Lux called off their engagement in Ocean Uncharted when he drove off and never came back into her life.